Squarespace Adds Seven New Templates for Businesses and Professional Services

On the heels of the release of six new industry-specific templates back in June, Squarespace just announced the addition of seven more shiny new ones designed with a particular business or professional service in mind. Check them out:

Harris: Ideal for law firms or other professional services that need to cram a lot of copy into their site, the new Squarespace Harris template features elegant default fonts and multiple navigation and introduction areas.

Artesia: Catering to the Hospitality, Travel, and Home industries, the new Squarespace Artesia template is an image-driven approach, offering fade-in and slide-up effects. A slick, simple, and clean landing page with clickable banners draws visitors in for more.

Heights: Designed for businesses in the health and fitness space, the new Squarespace Heights template offers a long scrolling home page, customizable online store, and numerous design options.

Keene: Suitable for those in the healthcare or other professional service area, the new Squarespace Keene template is minimalist, offering a bold background image, clean typography, and a nice search bar to make the visitor experience as intuitive as possible.

Motto: Foodies take note: The new Squarespace Motto template is designed specifically to meet the needs of restaurants and food/drink businesses. Showcase your menus in the menu block and take advantage of the special layout feature called the “content inset,” which enables you to vary the margins of your content, giving you a magazine layout feel.

Hatch: Styled with the real estate professional in mind, the new Squarespace Hatch template aims to showcase heavy visual content in a sleek and sophisticated way. Cool features include 3D scrolling effects and dynamic frames around gallery images.

Jasper: Artists and designers will love the new Squarespace Jasper template. A portfolio template with a cool grid-style home page, it offers an immediate peek into your work, with beautiful project pages within that allow you to further tell your story.

Interested in learning more about any of the new Squarespace templates? Drop us a line!

SquarespaceJosh Neimark