Squarespace for Promotional Products

Squarespace for Promotional Products Website Example

Every great idea starts somewhere. But how many do you know about that start— literally—in mid air?

That’s the story behind our newest Squarespace Commerce website: besmudgefree.com. When wing-suit flier Shellie Anderson was jumping out of a plane one day, the stroke of brilliance hit her: She needed something handy and close by to use to clean her goggles when they fogged up. Together with a teammate and her twin sister, Laurie Keogh, she thought up the SmudgeAway microfiber cleaning mitt—the perfect little cloth for cleaning lenses, glasses, screens, and more.

The twin sisters approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to build them a commerce-enabled Squarespace site upon which to sell the mitts and tell the story behind their invention. Crafted in the Squarespace Sonora template, the site incorporates a unique combination of product shots and killer video footage of Shellie’s flying to share the unique origins of this product idea. Relying on Squarespace’s excellent commerce tools, the site presents the mitts for direct retail sale, wholesale orders, and a unique program that enables corporations, schools, and organizations to brand the mitts for promotional purposes.

Featuring a gallery of testimonials from a diverse group of people discussing how they use their SmugeAway mitts in daily life, the new Squarespace website is an excellent marketing and sales tool that the SmudgeAway team can leverage as their business continues to grow.

We can see clearly now,

Fix8 Media