Squarespace for Career Coaching

Squarespace for Career Coaching

Fix8 Media Client Returns for New Squarespace Coaching Website

College MatchPoint Launches New Career-focused Website in Squarespace

Repeat business is the norm for Fix8 Media’s Squarespace design and development team. Our talented Squarespace designers and developers are accustomed to clients returning for updates, refreshes, and additions to their existing Squarespace sites. In the case of Fix8 Media’s client College MatchPoint, the success of their current college placement business has spawned the debut of a sister company focused on career coaching.

Career MatchPoint required a Squarespace website very similar to the College MatchPoint site Fix8 had designed a few years back. With a similar target market of college graduates, the site needed to appeal to Millennials while sharing the many value propositions of this experienced team.

Fix8 Media again delivered a visually compelling Squarespace website abundant with calls to action. Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the site integrates Vcita scheduling software and a custom contact form. As with its college placement site, the Career MatchPoint team took advantage of Fix8 Media’s Squarespace SEO expertise to establish a solid SEO footing upon which to grow its exciting new venture.

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