Squarespace for Orthopedics

Squarespace for Orthopedics

So many services are available on the go these days for the consumer’s convenience. You’ve likely heard of vets that pull up to your home in mobile offices, beer and wine delivery services, and cosmetics and wellness practitioners who arrive at your doorstep ready to pamper you. Our newest client has taken this dedication to client convenience and applied it to the prosthetic and orthotic space with Agile Orthopedics.

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers recently launched the new Squarespace website for Agile, which addresses the functional challenges that come with amputation and injury. Agile Orthopedics sees patients at their homes, clinics, or therapy appointments—and its new Squarespace website provides all the downloadable patient information and HIPAA release forms needed to get a new client up and running.

Built in the Squarespace Mojave template, the new Agile Orthopedics Squarespace site features a number of calls to action to prompt potential clients to schedule a consultation or encourage providers to make referrals. An integration with the scheduling software Calendly enables Agile’s clients to schedule their appointments quickly and easily right on the firm’s Squarespace website.

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