Squarespace for College Placement Services

Squarespace for College Placement Services

Following the success of its college admissions services website, College MatchPoint (CMP) in Austin reached out to Fix8 Media again to build a sister site targeting students with learning disabilities. The recently launched ldcollegeplacement.org mirrors the company’s main site, but features its special offerings and qualifications related to placing students with learning differences into colleges where they will succeed.

After working with founder Lisa Bain Carlton and her talented team on the CMP Squarespace website a few years ago, Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers welcomed the chance to build a sister site that echoed the team’s unique approach while honing in on a niche market. Once again, the CMP team took advantage of Fix8 Media’s Squarespace SEO expertise to edit the content on the site and craft the back end SEO, establishing a solid foundation for reaching this target demographic.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the site integrates Vcita scheduling software to ensure potential clients have direct access to requesting an appointment with this experienced team of college admissions professionals. Set against a backdrop of testimonials from satisfied parents of students with learning differences, the site is user friendly, informative, and a great resource.

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