Squarespace for Fine Art

Squarespace for Fine Art

Denver-based artist Mai Wyn has been painting on metal for almost 20 years. Capturing nature in a contemporary context, the artist knew a modern, versatile Squarespace website would be the perfect vehicle to showcase her gallery and its featured artwork.

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers built fellow Colorado resident Mai Wyn a dynamic Squarespace website that ideally suited the artist’s needs—with the ability to be easily maintained and updated. Executed in the Squarespace Rally template, the new site opens with a stunning cover page that invites visitors to enter either the studio or gallery experience. The selection of Studio takes the viewer directly to a feed of the newest art featured, with options to learn more about Mai, view her portfolio, and explore the artists, makers, and gallery itself.

Clicking into the Gallery takes visitors into a scrolling parallax experience, with options to view new art featured in the gallery—an eclectic mix of emerging and established regional talent—and click into collections from its artists and makers, or subscribe to the newsletter. Multiple calls to action atop banners with gorgeous images of the space keep the viewer clicking through and engaged with the Squarespace site experience.

Paint your world,

Fix8 Media