Squarespace for Paint

Squarespace for Paint

Squarespace Designers Collaborate with Agency Partner to Launch Unique Paint System Website

Microblend Chooses Squarespace to Market its Point-of-Sale Paint Solution

The first requirement of a website selling paint is pretty obvious: color, color, color! When Fix8 Media Squarespace designers were approached by one of their agency partners, Wedgie Media, to collaborate on a website for Microblend, they couldn’t wait to get started playing with palettes. Microblend is a unique retail point-of-sale model for selling paint that enables retailers to compete in the paint and home décor categories.

Selecting the Hunter template, Fix8 Media effected an eye-catching and informative Squarespace website for its agency partner’s client. A striking home page incorporating blocks of color and motion video background leads into informative pages that carry that color over to pop the details about the products, including embedded video. The site is easy to navigate and gorgeous to look at, with calls to action throughout encouraging users to request a demo.

In living color,

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