Squarespace for Leasing Office Space

Squarespace for Leasing Office Space

Commercial Real Estate Advisory Group Markets Properties with Squarespace

Squarespace Layout Ideal for Real Estate Ventures

In addition to serving Realtors in the residential sector, Squarespace is an ideal solution for commercial real estate companies marketing specific properties for lease or sale. Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers have worked with both residential and commercial real estate firms to build websites presenting their properties and services. Most recently, we built a Squarespace website for a creative office space for lease in El Segundo, California.

Flyte-ElSegundo.com is a property from the same firm for whom we developed 1925Maple.com. Both now serve as ideal examples of how Squarespace is a great choice for marketing commercial real estate.

Built in the Squarespace Mojave template, the Flyte El Segundo website offers a scrolling experience with the ability to jump to areas of interest via the navigation. It features general information about the property, a site plan, gallery of images, availability details, and a map of amenities. The page is anchored by a downloadable brochure for visitors who want to keep the information close at hand. The website is a comprehensive presentation of all the property has to offer to potential lessees—laid out in the accessible, visually impactful flow of the Squarespace Mojave template.

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