Squarespace for Encaustic Wax Painters’ Websites

Squarespace for Encaustic Wax Painters’ Websites

Canadian Artist Launches Squarespace Website to Showcase Encaustic Wax Paintings

Squarespace Portfolio Websites Are Perfect for Painters

It’s a true testament to Dianna Sapara’s work—and to the Squarespace platform—when you can feel the dimensionality of the paintings when viewed on her website. Crafted using the encaustic wax process, Dianna’s paintings feature fused layers of colored wax. The beauty of the finished work is showcased on her new Squarespace website, which is built in the Squarespace Mojave template.

Divided into multiple galleries, the new Squarespace website features available work as well as previously sold pieces. Art aficionados and artists alike will find the FAQ page helpful, where Dianna answers questions about the encaustic process and the finished works.

In addition to providing an online portfolio for her work, the Squarespace website serves as a marketing tool to spread the word about Dianna’s classes and workshops. Interested established and amateur artists who would like to learn from this talented Canadian painter can find information about her upcoming educational opportunities on the site, while anyone with questions can contact her directly via a Squarespace form.

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