Squarespace for Doctor Websites

Squarespace for Doctor Websites

Massachusetts Urologists Select Squarespace for Practice Website

Squarespace Proves Best Website Platform for Doctors and Specialists

More and more doctors are turning to Squarespace for their practice websites. Impressed with the modern templates, intuitive interface, and ease of updating, doctors’ offices look to the Squarespace platform for a robust solution.

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers are no strangers to this field. We have worked with numerous practitioners in a variety of fields and specialties. Most recently, we were contracted by Mystic Valley Urologists in Massachusetts to redesign their outdated website in the Squarespace platform. Working in the Squarespace Mojave template, our Squarespace designers repackaged the doctors’ information into an intuitive and streamlined presentation that is accessible to patients and their families.

The Squarespace home page features a synopsis of the clinic with calls to action to meet the physicians and schedule an appointment. Individual bios for each physician and provider can be easily updated, and physicians can be added as the practice grows. Comprehensive drop down menus offer a series of pages about the practice’s history and affiliations, services, and everything a patient needs to know about his or her appointment. A prominent button in the navigation provides quick and easy access to a secure Patient Portal.

A streamlined and well organized solution, the new Squarespace doctor’s office website serves as a valuable resource for current patients and new patients alike.

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