Squarespace Announces Zapier Integration

Increase Your Efficiency This Holiday and Beyond with Squarespace and Zapier

A Smoother, Faster Running Business Is a Few Clicks Away

Time is money—and nowhere is that more apparent than in the running of your business. If you are a Squarespace customer with a Business or Commerce plan, you need to check out the new Zapier integration!

This new workflow integration enables you to connect the apps you currently use to your website, sending data from one app to another seamlessly. Using Zapier, you can connect apps to your Squarespace account to streamline. And the best part about it is you control how the Zaps alert you, such as by creating a ticket in Zendesk, sending you a Slack, or creating a new Trello card. You get to automate the process in a way that works best with your tools and process!

Need help adding the Zapier integration to your Squarespace website? Get in touch with Fix8 Media’s expert Squarespace designers and developers!

SquarespaceJosh Neimark