Squarespace for Boutique Wedding Photographers

Squarespace for Boutique Wedding Photographers

Fix8 Media Squarespace Designers Add New York City Wedding Photography Site to Portfolio

Squarespace Proves a Great Choice for Photographers

For a husband and wife photography team with a discerning eye, Squarespace provided a platform upon which their high-end wedding photos could shine.

Based in Manhattan since 2001, 4 Eyes Photography is a wedding and commercial studio that serves consumers and businesses. The team has shot wedding, fashion, and commissioned photography worldwide—and they needed a Squarespace website that would effectively showcase the depth of their portfolio and the unique edge to their style.

Built in the Squarespace Mojave template, the new 4 Eyes Photography website opens with a gorgeous banner slideshow that seduces the bride-to-be searching for the perfect wedding photographer. A quick scroll down the home page guides the visitor in to more on the team’s wedding business, as well as reminding of the breadth and scope of the work they offer beyond the wedding realm. Interested parties can click into the commissions or fashion sections of the site directly from the home page.

Beautiful galleries inspire, awards and accolades impress, and a well-maintained blog ensures the photographers continue to build the site’s reach organically by adding relevant content supporting the site topic. Don’t be surprised if you get lost exploring the captured moments on this engaging new Squarespace website for photography done right.

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