Squarespace for Contemporary Artists

Squarespace for Contemporary Artists

Portland Painter Undergoes Squarespace Redesign

How Squarespace Flexes to Artists’ Needs

Back in 2014, Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers had the honor of working with talented Austin-based painter Kerry Schroeder to launch her first Squarespace website. Four years later, Kerry had relocated to Portland, Oregon, and returned to Fix8 with the desire to update her site in one of the newer Squarespace templates. Fix8 delivered, designing a beautiful artist’s portfolio website in the Squarespace Mojave template.

Working with a ton of whitespace to enable Kerry’s gorgeous artwork to pop off the page, Fix8’s Squarespace designers crafted an elegant scrolling home page that introduces the artist and her work. Anchored by a feed of her recent Instagram posts via the Squarespace Instagram block, the site is an example of seamlessly syncing your web and social media presences on Squarespace.

The redesigned Squarespace website features elegant galleries of Kerry’s work and installations, background information about the artist, a page devoted to her charitable giving, and a blog. A MailChimp integration funnels visitors to the appropriate email list, be they art consultants or appreciators. It’s easy to appreciate the many layers of thought that go into these captivating paintings—and the effectiveness of the web platform upon which they can be shared!

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