Squarespace for Employment Lawyers

Squarespace for Employment Lawyers

Massachusetts Attorney Launches Own Firm with Squarespace Website

Why Squarespace Is an Excellent Option for Law Firms

Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers have experience building Squarespace websites for law firms that truly runs the gamut. We’ve redesigned sites for multi-lawyer firms and built new Squarespace websites for lawyers who want to go it alone. Attorney Benjamin Steffans is an example of the latter—and an excellent one at that!

Opting for Fix8 Media’s Full Monty package, Ben took advantage of the full-service branding experience Fix8 offers to clients who are just starting out with a new venture. The Full Monty starts with a logo/brand identity design process led by our talented in-house graphic designer, Paul Roesch. Following logo exploration, design, and execution, the Fix8 Media Squarespace designers work with the aesthetic, fonts, and colors to build an on-brand Squarespace website with both the style and functionality the client desires. The web creation process is rounded out by Squarespace SEO services that ensure a solid SEO footing for the new Squarespace site right out of the gate.

Steffans Legal’s new website, built in the Squarespace Mojave template, is an example of just how robust and in-depth a Squarespace site can be from a content standpoint without overwhelming the visitor. Due to the nature of the employment law field, Ben had to walk a fine line of providing enough information for his potential clients to build confidence in his experience and skills, all the while not overwhelming them with legalese. His new Squarespace site is a delicate balance of rich practice area pages that link out to secondary pages with even deeper level information; SEO-rich location pages; and a segmented Squarespace blog that provides an added opportunity to maximize reach in organic search when updated on a frequent and consistent basis with content relevant to the site’s topic.

The Steffans Legal Squarespace site does not lack for compelling calls to action, driving visitors to “Schedule a Free Consultation” with Ben via an embedded Squarespace form on the Contact page. And the countless testimonials peppered throughout the site exemplify how Steffans’ clients feel about his service.

Attorneys searching for user-friendly solutions for their firm’s next website needn’t look any further than Squarespace: The tools are here to bring your law firm’s website into the 21st century, and help you compete in this competitive market.

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Fix8 Media

In the fall of 2017, I decided to start my own employment law firm. I’d been practicing in that area for over 13 years and realized it was time to go it alone. 7 months later, I am proud to say that I’ve managed to build something that I am proud of. In hindsight, one of the best decisions I could have even conceived of making was working with Josh and Tina at Fix8. I can go on and on about how great they are at design, branding, and building sites. I could go on and on about how they managed to remain patient while we moved the ball over and over, how they always managed to get it right when we changed our minds about what this should look like, or whether that should go there, and how they always remembered to say hi to our dog Elliot during our many conference calls. Instead of going on and on about how great they are, I’ll keep it simple: If you are on Fix8’s site...sit back and smile...you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.
— Ben Steffans