Squarespace for Residential Planning Projects

Squarespace for Residential Planning Projects

California Preserve Outlines Project Plans on Squarespace

Real Estate Industry Companies Rely on Squarespace Website Solutions

The Magee Preserve Planning team in Danville, California, realized a Squarespace website would be the most effective option for making the project’s plans and goals accessible online. Turning to Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers, the Magee Preserve sought an informational website for the clear presentation of its new initiative.

Starting in the Squarespace Mojave template, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers relied on our experience in the real estate industry to effect an informative and user-friendly experience for anyone looking to learn more about the Magee Preserve proposal. The home page opens with aerial video of the land that the project aims to protect and preserve, featuring rolling hills and free roaming cattle. Interested visitors can click into a home page grid to learn more about the project details, FAQs, architecture, and public benefits, quickly and easily gaining access to the information they are searching for. Videos embedded in the site provide additional sources of information to visitors.

For those interested in homes being built as part of this development project, the Architecture page features a number of Squarespace galleries showcasing renderings of the variety of home sizes and designs in the proposal. Squarespace’s elegant galleries are often ideal for real estate websites, as are many of the other incredible tools built right into the Squarespace platform.

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