Squarespace for Children’s Book Authors

Squarespace for Children’s Book Authors

Acclaimed Author Chooses Squarespace for New Website

Squarespace Is a Perfect Fit for Authors in Various Genres

She’s been compared to Lemony Snicket. She’s just published the sixth book in an acclaimed series of novels for young adults. And she’s the latest author to be added to our roster of writers with killer Squarespace websites.

Maryrose Wood, author of The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, approached Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers to take her Squarespace website to the next level. After starting a Squarespace account and beginning work on a site, the author realized she needed a hand achieving the aesthetic and functional features she was hoping for. Enter Fix8 Media’s talented Squarespace designers!

Working in the Squarespace Mercer template, we honed the overall styling of the website, from font choice to layout to links to purchase Wood’s books. Using the Squarespace tools, the Fix8 team added features such as the Announcement Bar, which enables Wood to keep visitors apprised of news, programs, and events. We also ensured all information on the site was presented in a logical and organized manner, enabling the author to promote both her books and her coaching services in one seamless presentation. We dotted the I’s and crossed the T’s, helping this author achieve a Squarespace website worthy of housing her acclaimed fiction!

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