Squarespace Websites for Communications and Entertainment

Squarespace Websites for Communications and Entertainment

Networking and Surveillance Company Launches New Squarespace Website by Fix8

Experienced Colorado Service Company Upgrades Online Presence

As a service-based company, Fix8 Media website designers and developers in Longmont, Colorado, understand the importance of offering the highest level of customer service to our clients. Often working remotely and relying on the best technologies and tools to virtually connect with clients, we love the opportunity to work on websites for local businesses, as well. When Northern Colorado’s Next Step Communications came to Fix8 Media with an outdated website that wasn’t living up to its potential, Fix8 knew just what to do to take the communications and entertainment company’s website to the next level in Squarespace.

Appreciating the emphasis that Next Step puts on customer service, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace website designers and developers went to work crafting a new website better suited to this leader in the digital technologies space. In addition to redesigning the Squarespace website to highlight the company’s leading service areas, such as networking, video surveillance, and home theater installations, Fix8 also reworked their SEO following Squarespace best practices to take advantage of opportunities in Colorado’s Front Range.

Built in the Squarespace Brine template, the new website highlights Next Step’s best assets—from its experienced and dedicated team to its use of only the highest quality equipment and products to its tremendous customer service. Testimonials on the new website attest to the value proposition, while targeted SEO efforts hone in on the company’s key markets.

Backed by the ability to personalize messaging to specific potential clients via web personalization tools, the new Next Step website is a cut above its precursor when it comes to marketing the company’s services and capturing the visitor’s interest.

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