Squarespace for Specialty Foods and Catering Websites

Squarespace for Specialty Foods and Catering Websites

Deli, Grocery, and Catering Shop Opts for Squarespace

Squarespace Site for New York Marketplace Launches

At Fix8 Media, our Squarespace designers have built some tremendous websites for restaurants around the country. But Delmar Marketplace is the first specialty foods store/deli/caterer that we’ve had the pleasure of working with. Just as Squarespace is so well suited to restaurant websites, it proved ideal for this unique business in upstate New York.

A combination of a butcher/deli and a mom and pop grocery store, Delmar Marketplace is the kind of shop that area residents flock to. Getting its start nearly a century ago, the family-owned deli and butcher shop joined forces with the homegrown grocery to provide a small town shopping experience unlike that you’d find in a chain store. The challenge for Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers was to build a Squarespace website that shared the unique history and story of the different facets of Delmar while presenting it as a single, charming destination.

Built in the Squarespace Pacific template, the home page opens with calls to action that take you directly to the specials or catering menu. Scroll down, and you’ll find summaries of the owners of each business area, with the opportunity to click through and learn more about each. A slideshow gallery featuring images of the deli and store, as well as prepared foods from the catering menu, is followed by links to specials and featured products that anchor the page.

The new Squarespace website features separate pages devoted to the deli and the grocery, a specials page, catering menu, and a contact page. Tantalizing images of the various menu offerings, baked goods, and deli items are peppered throughout the site—giving future shoppers a taste of the delicious prepared foods, meats, and specialty groceries that await at Delmar Marketplace.

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