Maximizing the Squarespace Email Campaign Tool

Build an Effective On-Brand Email Campaign in Your Squarespace Website

Squarespace Email Tool Now Has Even Better Features

8.8.19 For the past 11 years, Fix8 Media website designers in Longmont, Colorado, have been building robust, professional websites for our clients using the Squarespace platform. In that time, we’ve seen Squarespace grow from a website and blog design and development platform to a robust commerce platform with the ability to purchase domains, integrate G Suite, add features such as Pop-ups and Announcement Bars, and deploy an email marketing campaign. While Fix8 Media’s Squarespace design and development experts have been helping our clients integrate third-party email tools such as MailChimp and Constant Contact for the past decade, we are finding our clients to be more and more excited about using the Squarespace email tool for their marketing campaigns.

There are many benefits to using the Squarespace email campaign tool built into your Squarespace website, perhaps the most obvious being the ability to mirror your website brand aesthetic.

“Although there are a number of email templates to choose from, our clients have found it beneficial to engage our Squarespace designers’ expertise in the email tool setup process to achieve the perfect complement to their website design,” says Fix8 Media Creative Director Josh Neimark, a Squarespace expert who has been working in the platform since its release. “Although the tool is in some ways intuitive, it may pose a bit of a challenge to those with basic knowledge of the Squarespace platform to craft a branded campaign that takes advantage of all the cool features available.”

Another huge benefit of using the Squarespace email tool for your marketing campaigns versus a third-party option is the ability to pull content directly from your website into the email. Let’s say you’re promoting a sale on a specific product: You can pull that product directly from you store into the email. The same holds true for blog posts: If you are referencing a specific post, you can pull it directly into your campaign.

Squarespace recently added email personalization options, which enable you to automatically insert personalized content for each subscriber. The subject line or body of the email can now pull in the subscriber’s name, for example.

As the email tool continues to be refined and enhanced, Neimark anticipates more and more Squarespace users taking advantage of it for marketing their products and services. “Squarespace continues to broaden and diversify its offerings, as evidenced by the recent acquisition of Acuity Scheduling,” says Neimark. “Combined with the new email marketing campaign tool, it’s a reflection of the company’s dedication to helping its clients most effectively and efficiently run their businesses.”

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Josh Neimark