In today’s fast paced global marketplace, companies that conduct business together don’t always have the opportunity to meet face to face. Digital engagement and e-commerce is easy and quick, but often times lacks personality and, let’s face it, fun. We here at Fix8 like to think we embody both of those things, so when we get the chance to meet our clients face to face, we’re always on board!

The folks from Hope4USA were in town the other day, and Josh was lucky enough to meet them for lunch. How cool for both parties, eh? They were able to talk about the project and their companies at greater length together, and had a great time in doing so. They were able to take a couple of shots too…check out the good-looking trio below.


Though we didn’t get to meet this next client personally, he was able to meet the subject of the website we completed for him last week in New York. Lou "Louis Crisitello of Danza Did It was able to, for the first time, meet his idol face to face. Not surprisingly, Tony Danza knew of the Danza Did It project, and was impressed with his fan’s loyal devotion – awesome stuff Lou! Check out this photo of the two of them below.


 Finally, from time to time we pop in on our local clients. Here’s Gerling One and Gerling Two hard at work at their headquarters (A.K.A. Mark & Shayla Gerling).  Keep it up guys! And for all of you loyal readers, if you are considering any type of travel from business to safaris, these are the guys you want to be talking to!


Looking forward to meeting more of our future and current clients in the coming months!