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Hailing from Santa Rosa, California, Lea Goode-Harris is a poet and artist. She has a profound interest in labyrinths – fascinated by their beautiful and archetypal mandalas. Throughout her twenty year career, she has created a number of contemporary labyrinth designs, including the Santa Rosa Labyrinth©, the SNOOPY™ Labyrinth for the Charles M. Schulz Museum, the Ladybug Labyrinth, and traditional and contemporary personal designs for public and religious organizations, corporations, and private individuals across the United States. She has given classes and experiential labyrinth talks at Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa High School, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, and to numerous organizations including the Labyrinth Society and the Philanthropic Education Organization.

Lea is a one of a kind artist that brings comprehensive doctoral research to her work, continuing to explore and demonstrate the psychological significance of the labyrinth. Her research helps to explain the relevance of the life-long process of individuation with particular attention to the transitional period of adolescence using the labyrinth as a container for these explorations. We invite you to check her site out here, and get lost in the wonderful art that she produces. She also blogs and posts photos of all sorts of her other artwork for you to enjoy. 

Her words really get to the heart of what Fix8 is made of though,

The support from both Susie and Josh throughout the entire process was professional, attentive, and personable. I felt that they took the time to understand exactly what I was wanting. Josh was adept at eliciting the information from me that he needed to create a beautiful website. He was open to feedback and able to change midstream when I realized that I needed to go in a different direction once our work began. The final design went way beyond my initial expectations. Working with Josh and Susie was a great experience with the added bonus of it being a fun and rewarding process!
— Lea Goode-Harris

Helping you look at the world a little differently,