Squarespace Update Just in Time for Mini Series Premier on VH1

Part 1 The Tanning of America - Premiers tonight on VH1  
at 11 EST/10 CST

We all love documentaries. In a day and age where everything is documented and analyzed for what it is (or isn’t), documentaries are a reflection of ourselves. Miami-based Rakontur has deep experience producing acclaimed documentaries featured on Amazon, Netflix and iTunes – Cocaine Cowboys, The U and Limelight to name a few.  These guys are true storytellers, and they’ve just recently released their newest one to date – The Tanning of America  - which is an homage to all things hip-hop. It tells the story of it’s integration into the fabric of American culture, and features exclusive interviews with Dr Dre, Run DMC, and many, many more. Learn more about the show here.

Our latest creation, was a redesign of their existing Squarespace website.  The goal of the redesign, was to place greater focus on their social connectivity and engagement, as well as their growing list of titles.  The design created is minimalistic and focused on their stories, while remaining very intuitive, highly functional, as well as mobile responsive.

We think you’re really gonna like this…

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