Having a store online can be fun.  However, with online shopping being such commonplace in our lives, it’s more often than not, impersonal. Consumers all over the world can engage and buy products with the click of a button - but how much do they really know about your brand’s philosophy? Chances are, not a whole lot. In our mind, half of the fun of having an online store is really being able to express the brand values. That being said, we’re super excited to show you a great example of how we do that.

Mandala Fashions, out of South Bend, Indiana is a specialty brand that lets you create your own custom clothing with a unique dye-sublimation process. They can print just about anything from a picture of your favorite rock star to movie posters on T-Shirts and Dresses. It’s a really fun and interesting way to engage with the clothing that you wear – which in and of itself is an extension of your personality! So you be the creator and push the limits. What design would you create if you were making one?

Head over to the shop here and explore! - mandalafashions.com

Stay cool,