At Fix8, we’re not solely focused on building interactive consumer websites. We also welcome the opportunity to work with organizations and public services that share similar values, and strive to make the world a better place. Enter PsychArmor, a new organization dedicated to bridging the military-civilian gap by offering workshops on military mental health and post war reintegration They approached us with a need to redesign their website and communicate the importance of transitioning US soldiers back to America after wartime.

The first step in making sure that veterans are accommodated for is a more enlightened society. Citizens need to know how to relate to those that have seen battle, and be able to emotionally heal any wounds that have been left open. PsychArmor will touch thousands of lives nationwide, so being able to help articulate their core objectives was for us, a real treat.

"There are thousands of web guys out there, but only one Josh.  Josh sets himself apart from his peers by the time, energy and creativity that he puts into each site he builds.  He likes to tell a story making your web presence captivating and interesting.  I would recommend Josh for anyone in any type of business.  I guarantee you will not regret the decision to use him!"  

Marjorie Morrison, CEO PsychArmor

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