STACKED New York Chooses Squarespace New York

"STACKED New York grew from a small idea into a powerful brand concept—and we knew that we needed an e-commerce site just as impactful and engaging to get our message across. When bids from web developers ended in quotes that far surpassed the budget of our start up, we turned to the possibility of a DIY approach. And that’s how we found Squarespace.

Impressed by the clean, sleek, beautiful templates, we thought we’d give it a go on our own. But we were quick to find that with limited time and web savvy, we needed help. Our quest for a Squarespace designer led us to Fix8 Media—and our search was over. Upon viewing examples of Squarespace sites designed by Josh Neimark and his talented team, and later speaking with Josh, we were hooked. Not only is Josh extremely knowledgeable about website design and maintenance, but he is truly dedicated to his clients’ needs. The communication and collaboration was second to none—and the result is a chic, sophisticated, intuitive website.

As a New York-based jewelry business, we harness the city’s energy to create accessories that are both street smart and spiritually connected to the universe. Collectively fueled by the city’s buzz, both STACKED and Squarespace are rooted in the heart and soul that is distinctly NYC." 


Still shopping for the holidays?  Check out the recently launched STACKED website, and pick up something unique for that special someone in your life.

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