10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Squarespace Website Designer

When it Comes to Hiring a Squarespace Designer to Build Your Website, Ask the Right Questions

How to Find the Best Squarespace Website Designer for Your Project

There was a time not so long ago that you could peruse Squarespace’s website and find a list of Squarespace Specialists who were ready and willing to tackle your web design project. Recently, Squarespace decided to remove this list when they partnered up with 99 Designs to offer a directory of Squarespace designers.

For various reasons, a number of Squarespace Specialists chose not to participate in the 99 Designs partnership. Discerning clients looking for high level Squarespace website designers may find the 99 Designs process arduous, and instead go it alone to seek out qualified, talented, and experienced Squarespace designers to build their website.

To aid in the search for the most exceptional Squarespace website designers, Fix8 Media Squarespace experts have compiled a list of 10 questions to ask to ensure the Squarespace designer you hire is qualified, buttoned up, and, well, too legit to quit.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard horror stories from one too many clients about designers bailing out on them, building inferior websites, and providing a completely unacceptable level of customer service. Since we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients, Fix8 Media Squarespace website designers and developers wanted to make sure anyone else out there searching for a web design partner didn’t end up in that same sinking boat.

We’ve compiled 10 questions to ask your potential Squarespace website design and development partner:

  1. How long have you been working in the Squarespace platform? If you are looking to hire a Squarespace expert, be sure to find out how long the individual or team has been working in the platform—not just in the web design space in general. Just because an agency is fluent in Wordpress does not mean they understand the nuances of Squarespace.

  2. Can I speak to a human before signing a web design contract? In an effort to streamline processes, many agencies today do not make themselves available for a conversation with potential clients. See if the Squarespace website designer you are interested in working with offers a free consultation—and take advantage of it to ensure you are a good fit. Also, ask about communication throughout the process. Your expectations should align with the number of meetings included in the service.

  3. Do you understand my market niche? Sure a good Squarespace website designer can design a website for your dog walking business just as well as she can for your financial advisory firm, but sometimes it’s helpful to work with an agency that has experience in your field. Find out about what industries the Squarespace designer or firm has worked in, and ask for examples. Chances are, a Squarespace website designer with a portfolio of work in your field will be better equipped to understand your services, your audience, and your SEO strategy.

  4. Does you offer graphic design services as well as Squarespace web design services? Especially important for start-ups, a Squarespace website design firm that also offers graphic design and marketing services can be super helpful in your brand-building endeavors. For example, you might need a logo, business cards, social media banners, and graphics for your website. It makes things so much easier for you if you can find a one-stop shop to meet all of your needs—and produce results that are totally cohesive and on-brand.

  5. Do you offer Squarespace SEO strategy and services? If search engine optimization for your new Squarespace website is a priority, find a Squarespace designer who understands how to maximize SEO in the Squarespace platform. Ask for examples of work they’ve done to help clients grow in the Google ranks.

  6. How much do you charge for a website? Let’s face it: You have a budget for your website project and you need to find a Squarespace website designer who will work within your budget. That said, as in most things in life, the cheapest option isn’t always the best one. Shop around and see what types of packages or service levels different Squarespace website agencies offer—and ask them if they have time to discuss your needs. A conversation with a qualified Squarespace designer can often result in a few different options for you to consider—especially if you are interested in learning how to use the Squarespace tools and pull some of the weight yourself! (Read more about our one-on-one Squarespace Working Sessions, where we teach you how to use the platform via screen share.)

  7. Do you offer payment plans? For many clients building websites, the option to pay for the project in stages is helpful. Some Squarespace website designers offer payment terms that enable you to pay for the project in this way versus all at once.

  8. Do you offer training? The real beauty of the Squarespace platform is its intuitive toolset. Sure you’re laughing right now if you attempted to DIY and failed miserably, but you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish with a good teacher! Ask if the Squarespace website designer offers any training time or workshops on using the Squarespace tools and features on your own. It’s a very empowering thing to know that at the end of your website-building journey, you’ll be able to log in and effect your own changes, blog, and update photos without being tethered to tech support.

  9. What if I need a hand post-launch? As awesome as it is to be empowered to make your own Squarespace updates, it would be foolish to think you’ll never run into a question. Ask if the Squarespace agency will be available to answer your questions after launch, or if they offer any support options that you can pay for going forward, if that is something your business could benefit from.

  10. What makes you different? In a sea of Squarespace website designers, find out what really makes this one stand apart from the rest. Are they personable? Do you feel comfortable with them and confident in their work? Do they wow you? If the answer to any of those questions is no, consider moving on until you make a connection.

Your Squarespace website designer is bound to be a part of your life for many years to come. Do your research and choose wisely: You won’t regret it.

Interested in finding out what Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists can do for you? Give us a shout.

Josh Neimark