Squarespace for Pet Photography

You take Fido for weekly spa days at the groomer. You only feed Whiskers the finest chicken of the sea. And a doggy bed? Oh please. Spot shares your pillow, of course.

Sure your pet is a little spoiled, but nothing is too good for our four-legged friends. Photographer Michelle Lee knows this well. Owner of Pets In Focus, this pet photographer has married her love of animals and her passion for photography in an adorable new Squarespace website that will have you awwwing for sure.

At age 5, Michelle grabbed a camera and photographed her stuffed animals under a coconut tree in her birthplace of Hawaii—and the rest is history. Now residing in California with her two dogs, Gypsy and Mai’a, Michelle’s new Squarespace website showcases her unique ability to capture the personalities of people and their pets.

Need your daily dose of cute? Check out the Squarespace gallery pages on the Pets in Focus website. You’re welcome!

Sit, Ubu, sit,

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