Squarespace for Eating Healthy on the Go

From farm to fork, Forage Kitchen packs a tasty and sustainable bite in Madison, Wisconsin. The salad and cold-pressed juice bar set out to redefine the grab-and-go experience with locally sourced, globally diverse dishes that are both healthy and socially responsible.

In the spirit of its lovingly crafted bites, Forage turned to Fix8 Media to create an equally dynamic and visually delicious Squarespace website showcasing its unique food. Squarespace is exceptionally well suited for restaurants, offering a built-in Menu Block that is easy to use and sorts menus by category.  In addition, Squarespace enables restaurant owners to integrate online ordering systems, allowing customers to order straight from the site. Forage Kitchen integrates with the Chow Now online ordering system, but other options are also available.

Foraging has never been any easier—or more inspired—than at Madison’s new Forage Kitchen.

Bon appétit,

Fix8 Media