An Interview with Fix8 Media Graphic Design Guru Paul Roesch

In a recent interview, Fix8 Media’s resident graphic design guru, Paul Roesch, describes his experiences working on the Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists team.

Describe your role at Fix8?

My role is all things Graphic Design! If you come to Fix8 Media for a Squarespace website but you also need a logo or business collateral such as letterhead, cards, brochures, etc., I’m your man. I can make it happen!

What do you like most about working on the Fix8 Media team?

The Fix8 team is one-of-a-kind—genuinely kind people who are business savvy, smart workers, and true Squarespace specialists. The clients make my job fun because Fix8 Media attracts some of the coolest clients I have ever worked with. There are so many different types of businesses that come to Fix8, which is great because I get to learn about many different industries!

For you, what’s most fulfilling about working for a Squarespace-centric agency?

For me Squarespace has created a platform that attracts a certain type of person, generally someone who loves super clean design with a contemporary aesthetic. This is a unique situation for a designer, as I already have an idea of what the client likes before we even get started. I get a lot of enjoyment when I create something that the client loves, which is always my ultimate goal.

What sets Fix8 Media apart from other web design agencies?

I have worked in a lot of agency situations. Fix8 is unique in that we try to help the client become capable of doing as much as they can on their own using the Squarespace platform. The tools are given to them to run the website portion of their business the best way they see fit.

What do you like most about collaborating with Fix8 clients on brand identity?

Brand identity is what I love most. I often explain branding basics on my first call with new clients, so they can start wrapping their heads around the best way to pursue how they want to be perceived by the world. I get to share my experience with clients and they get to share with me their views so it ends up being a learning experience for everyone.

When you aren’t busy designing, where can we find you?

I live in a very rural area where I get to live out my dreams of being semi-self-sustaining. I am in the garden, tending to my chickens, or just enjoying the outdoors. This is my bliss. You should follow yours.

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