Squarespace for Loft Living

When it comes to luxury living, Squarespace delivers. It’s gorgeous image-driven templates enable property management firms and real estate agencies to showcase living spaces in wide-width banner images and beautiful galleries.

For the residences of Aloft on Cortez Hill in San Diego, the Squarespace Bedford template was the perfect fit for this urban retreat. Featuring a gallery of model homes and a Squarespace customization that enables the view of all residences by floor or floor plan type, the Aloft Squarespace site offers a thorough presentation of all available options. A custom interactive neighborhood map gives interested visitors the chance to get acquainted with the arts and culture, dining, shopping, and recreation options in the vicinity. This unique Fix8 customization integrates seamlessly into the Squarespace platform to enhance the user’s experience of the site, giving them a real feel for the Cortez Hill area.

Living it up,

Fix8 Media