Squarespace for Feminist Comic Strip Icons

You read that right. What better platform than Squarespace to re-introduce a feminist comic strip icon who made her debut in 1940? Brenda Starr, Reporter, the brainchild of the late Dalia Messick, captivated newspaper readers for decades. A fearless, feisty, redheaded journalist, Brenda Starr was America’s top female crime fighter—a full four years before Wonder Woman hit the scene.

The comic strip was so popular that it sparked movie serials, television, a feature film, collector dolls, and a postage stamp. And now, the comic strip heroine returns in her first series of action-packed novels: Brenda Starr Mysteries. Author J.J. Salem shares the history of Brenda Starr on his new Squarespace website, inviting visitors to fall in love with the glamorous feminist icon just as he did many years ago. The Squarespace site details the character’s decades-long impact as a comic strip and offers a sneak peek into her resurgence in Salem’s new novel series.

Featuring an impactful video, striking illustrations, and enticing free gift offer, Salem’s Squarespace site the perfect launch pad for “murder gone glam.”

You go girl,

Fix8 Media

This is my second site with Josh and the great team at Fix8 Media. For every other web development project I’ve gone through in my career, there was a messy divorce by the time it concluded. I was starting to think I was the Elizabeth Taylor of website marriages! But then I discovered Fix8. Their commitment to meeting my project vision was unparalleled. Josh took me through a number of template mock-ups in the beginning to make sure we nailed down the right one for Brenda Starr. And the communication style is always first class—fast email response, phone support, whatever is needed to get to the finish line. Love Fix8 and the Squarespace platform.
— J.J. Salem