Squarespace for Financial Advice

It’s not easy finding someone you can trust to manage your money. Sure there are plenty of people out there willing to invest for you, but how do you know they have your best interests at heart?

When we were hired by financial advisor Joe Martinez at Phlox Capital Management, we not only built his Squarespace website, but helped him position himself as the capable, trustworthy Dallas-based investor upon which he has built his reputation. Working with our content and SEO strategist Tina Snyder, Joe crafted accessible, clear copy for what many consider to be complicated financial topics. Josh Neimark then worked closely with Joe to ensure the visual flow of his Squarespace website and the images chosen truly spoke to his target audience.

Collaborating with the Fix8 Media Team, Joe created a personable, informative Squarespace presence that accurately portrays his brand—making potential clients feel at home with his friendly content, clearly presented services, and killer smile. 

Shakin’ your money maker, 

Fix8 Media

It was obvious that Fix8 Media built beautiful websites, but I selected them for my project because I sensed they do more than web development. I’m very pleased I chose the Fix8 team. They worked with me to develop a go to market strategy and helped clarify my value proposition. Expert copywriter Tina Snyder was invaluable to me, writing copy for my site that spoke directly to my target markets in their language. The Fix8 team delivers a solution rivaling top marketing firms. I will hire them for my next project in a heartbeat.
— Joe Martinez