Squarespace for Happy Feet

If you’ve ever had foot pain or experienced discomfort from simply standing or walking, you should check out our latest Squarespace site: footmedicsusa.com. Using cutting edge technology, Dr. James Turnbull and his Denver-based team capture 3-D digital imprints of your feet and create custom arch supports that lessen or eliminate foot pain, provide stability, and improve posture. Ever wonder if collapsed arches could be to blame for your foot, heel, knee, or back pain? The resources on The Foot Medics’ new Squarespace site can help you answer those questions and more.

In addition to a dynamic scrolling home page rich with calls to action, The Foot Medics Squarespace site takes advantage of a Wistia video player integration on both the home page and interior pages to capture the attention of and educate the viewer. It also capitalizes on Squarespace’s seamless integration option with Acuity Scheduling, enabling clients to view real-time calendar availability and book appointments independently.

The Foot Medics new Squarespace site is an excellent example of a well-organized business website that is packed with information and calls to action without overwhelming. Because it’s all about putting your best foot forward.

Happy trails,

Fix8 Media

I recently had the pleasure of working with Fix8 Media to develop my new website, www.footmedicsusa.com. I had a strong vision for my business, but needed someone to develop and execute branding and web presence. From my initial contact with Susie I knew that I was dealing with a professional organization and following a consultation with Josh, I needed to look no further. He spent a great deal of time with me getting to understand my vision as well as the finer points of my business. Within a week, Josh had three different creative ideas for the website. The hardest part of the process was choosing what was going to be the final direction of the site because they were all fantastic. During the process I enjoyed developing my new logo, font and color scheme with Paul. Paul was as pleasant and professional as he was creative. I was blown away by his presentations and he over-delivered on the logo, font, and colors. It turned out better than I ever imagined. Additionally, I worked with Tina on content development and SEO strategy. She too was incredibly professional and right-on-point when it came to targeting certain demographics and crafting engaging, readable text. She was fun to work with and was so responsive that content development went twice as fast as I had expected.

My experience with Fix8 was incredible. They were on time, on budget, friendly, professional and creative. The value was amazing—I got far more than I had dreamed. I really clicked with Josh—we were on the same page all the time. I’m looking forward to starting my next Squarespace website project with Fix8—a complete Squarespace website redo for another one of my businesses.
— James Turnbull