Squarespace for Fashionistas

Sisters Hailey Middleton and Paige Kushner wanted to start a fashion blog. But for this stylish Denver-based duo, an ordinary blog just wouldn’t cut it. They wanted something above and beyond to showcase their classic, timeless style—and Squarespace was the answer.

A former fashion runway model, Hailey is the face behind The Middle Closet. Her sister, Paige, is the photographer and curator of the blog. Together, the two wanted a sophisticated but approachable Squarespace site on which to showcase their love of classic style that focuses on quality not quantity, which they note doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

Using Squarespace’s affordable and aesthetically superior platform, they executed precisely what they had hoped for—including the incorporation of advertising into their Squarespace site in a very seamless manner. For The Middle Closet, having advertising present without interfering with the high-end look of the blog was key. In Squarespace, we achieved this delicate balance with grace and, well, style.

Fashionably yours,

Fix8 Media