Squarespace for Records

Kids these days can’t comprehend that those of us who grew up in the 70s and beyond used to spin our favorite tunes on record players. They look at those big vinyl discs with confusion. But those of us who know and love the sound you can only get from vinyl appreciate it in a special way.

That passion, combined with a deep appreciation for music and the community it can build, is at the heart of Vinyl for a Cause. Founded by vinyl junkies Adam Victorn and Charlie Greengoss, the company sought a simple but moody Squarespace website that captured the spirit behind their story. Drawing you in with a black and white Motion Video Background custom Squarespace integration on the home page, Vinyl for a Cause sets the tone for an experience.

As you explore their Squarespace website, you learn that the founders press only a limited number of batches, with a large portion of each sale going to the band’s charity of choice. So not only is this record company spreading the love of music around, they’re also giving back to the community.

With intentions to frequently blog to get the word out about their charitable mission, Vinyl for a Cause now has the Squarespace presence to attract both vinyl enthusiasts and musicians to its unique offering.

Turn it up,

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