Squarespace Success Stories - lindajsalinas.com

Linda Salinas is a horse whisperer.

Yes, you read that correctly.

And a woman who makes her living connecting with and training animals on a very deep level deserved a website as unique and captivating as she is. So naturally, she turned to Squarespace.

Since launching her Squarespace site in March of 2014, Linda has worked with Fix8 Media to add video, including the Motion Video Background integration on her home page. “It’s hard for me to go out there and describe what I do, let alone write about it, so I knew that the videos could tell the story,” she says. “About 4 months ago, Josh added the motion video background to my home page so as soon as you land there, you’ll see me interacting with my horses. It’s very captivating.”

Linda adds that many people are visual learners, and both the motion video background on her Squarespace home page and the other videos embedded in her Squarespace site help to quickly and impactfully explain The Carolyn Resnick Method of horse training, for which she is known.

Other features of her Squarespace site that Linda has found extremely beneficial to her unique business are the Events Calendar and the blog. Visitors to her site can find out where in the world Linda will be sharing her methods and passion for horse training on this well-organized page, as well as sync the dates to their Google calendar or ICS. “This calendar is my bread and butter,” she says. “It’s extremely important for my clients to be able to plan ahead and see my upcoming events. And the fact that I can easily update the calendar using the Squarespace tools is invaluable.”

In addition to updating her events on her own, Linda is a truly dedicated blogger, posting consistently once a week to her growing audience. She credits her weekly blogging with the increase in traffic and email subscriptions she has had over the past year and a half.  “Blogging is one of the best things I have done for my website and my business,” she says. “Linking the blog to my social media enables me to get the word out about what I do—and every once in a while I hit a home run. I have had as many as 150 shares of a blog! Blogging has had a significant impact on my website traffic.”

And that increase is all in the numbers. When Linda launched her Squarespace website in March of 2014, she had about 200 subscribers to her email list. That list has since doubled, due in large part to her dedicated blogging effort.

And when we say dedicated, we mean it. When Linda was planning for a trip abroad, she contacted Fix8 Media to learn about her options to stay connected to her Squarespace site without carting her laptop along for the trip. She carries so much equipment with her when she travels for training events that space is limited. With Fix8’s guidance, she downloaded the Squarespace Blog App to her iPad Air and is now able to blog and respond to comments on her posts conveniently—from anywhere in the world!

In addition to showcasing her upcoming events, using videos to effectively translate what she does, and blogging like a pro, Linda is able to use the commerce functionality of her Squarespace website to collect registration and payment for upcoming training classes. This not only enables Linda to very efficiently process payment, but also collect key data points about her clients for her records. “The customizable forms in Squarespace are so important to my business, both for the events and training session at hand and for follow up in the future.”

Linda reports that in the less than two years that her Squarespace website has been up—with literally no other forms of advertising—her business has doubled. “I’m already booked out through May of next year,” she says. “Squarespace has truly given me bang for my buck in terms of a loyal and dedicated following. It’s wonderful.”

A wonderful website for a wonderful person—just one of the many success stories of the Fix8 Media Squarespace family.

To learn more about Linda Salinas, the horse whisperer, visit www.lindajsalinas.com.