Fix8 Media Shares Squarespace Secrets, Tips, and Tricks

The secret to working in Squarespace is that there are no secrets! For the past 8 years, Fix8 Media has been crafting gorgeous and highly functional Squarespace websites for clients around the world. We’ve been fortunate to combine this incredibly user-friendly platform with our design and development skills, to knock our some incredible sites. Squarespace is the reason why we are here today—and because of that we want to give back to the Squarespace community by sharing our knowledge.

In the new “Insights” section of our website, you’ll find weekly posts designed to help you make the most of all that Squarespace has to offer. In our “Secrets” posts, Fix8 Media Creative Director Josh Neimark takes you on quick guided video tours of Squarespace’s best tools, teaching you how to configure and use them properly. In our “Styling” posts, Sarah Longworth, Fix8 Media Interaction Designer and head of our UK office, shares tips and tricks for styling and coding in Squarespace. Recent posts include how to use new styling options to update your map block, how to add jQuery to your Squarespace website, how to make a Getty image selections in Squarespace, and how to enable and style the Squarespace announcements bar.

We’ll continue to grow this library of useful resources, which is available to anyone who needs a little help with their Squarespace website. If you have a specific question about working in Squarespace or updating your site, click here to drop us a note and see how we can help!  

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Josh Neimark