Integrating Scheduling Software Into Your Squarespace Website

After you, your Squarespace website is the most important tool for your business—and it should function as such.

If you run a business that requires appointment scheduling with clients, Squarespace and Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers have your back. Although Squarespace itself does not offer this option, it has been designed to integrate seamlessly with a number of scheduling programs that offer efficient and effective services.

Three of our clients’ favorites are Acuity Scheduling, VCita, and Calendly. While the services vary slightly, they enable your clients to view real-time calendar availability and book appointments with you independently. You can sync the software with your calendar to get automatic updates and keep track of your appointments.

Two of our clients, Stephanie McClellen and Jenny Foss, have both benefited from integrating Acuity Scheudling into their Squarespace websites.

“We probably save two hours a week in scheduling time alone with Acuity,” says Foss. “It’s a wonderful time-saver and gives our clients the ability to easily find consult times that work best for them.”

McClellen loves Acuity’s affordability and ease of use on her Squarespace site. “The streamlined interface, affordable subscription, and super responsive customer service is exactly what I need to keep my schedule running smoothly in my acupuncture practice,” she says. “Patients love how simple it is, too. No complicated set-up. Click a button and the appointment is made.”

Lisa Carlton of College MatchPoint correlates the addition of VCita to her Squarespace site with an increase in contacts from prospective clients. “Adding VCita to my Squarespace website has streamlined my ability to connect quickly with potential clients,” she says. “I have definitely seen an increase in the number of contacts I receive since adding this to my website.”

For ease of scheduling appointments at clients’ homes, clinics, or therapy appointments, Agile Orthopedics relies on a Calendly integration with its Squarespace website. Calendly is a key tool that supports this firm’s service-on-the-go business model.

If you have an existing Squarespace site that would benefit from the addition of a scheduling service, give us a call today at 1.720.336.1374.

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