Squarespace for Reality Television

They call themselves the Black Foxes—the antidote to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. What started out as a book club has become a strong base for friendship and support for these six “smart women saying smart things.” Striving to be forces for positive change in their communities, the Black Foxes chose Squarespace to share their wisdom and inspiration.

The Squarespace Hayden template with Wisita Video Integration was the ideal platform to give a voice to the Black Foxes. The home page banner features a quick video introduction to the Black Foxes and their mission, with additional video embedded in the site. Wisita Video Integration is an ideal solution for Squarespace websites requiring the flexibility to incorporate substantial video content in a seamless, clean, and impactful way.

In addition, the Foxes leveraged the donation functionality of the Squarespace commerce tool to raise funds for their project. Smart women is right.

Take a look at what they have to say and see for yourself.

Stay foxy,

Fix8 Media