Squarespace for Getting Paid

A unique debt collection service designed to meet the needs of freelancers, independent workers, and small businesses, Indepayment ensures you get paid for all your hard work. The company’s new Squarespace website very clearly illustrates its services with an introductory slideshow that any self-employed person can relate to, as well as catchy, clean icons.

Using the Squarespace Fulton template on a crisp green background, Indepayment explains its payment collection, risk assessment, milestone payment, and account charge-off services. And did we mention these guys know what they’re talking about? Not only are they lawyers, but they have first-hand experience getting stiffed by a client. Knowing what that feels like, they want to get the word out about their services via their new Squarespace website—and help others get paid.

Showing you the money, 

Fix8 Media