Squarespace for Photography Anywhere on Earth

Hailing all the way from Doha Qatar, Ajay Aloni approached Fix8 Media with a need for a beautiful portfolio website to showcase his photography across a variety of disciplines. As you probably know, Squarespace is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build a portfolio-based website. So many Squarespace templates lend themselves to the lush display of art that it’s difficult to choose! 

In Ajay’s case, he went with the visually crisp Squarespace Flatiron template to best convey his landscape, portrait, and event photography. The gallery is divided into multiple subject areas, allowing the visitor to hone in on his or her interest of choice. This simple and clean Squarespace gallery-based site is rounded out by Ajay’s background and his blog.

As Ajay points and shoots away, he can expand his photography gallery to include additional subject areas while retaining the organized look and feel of his Squarespace website. 

Building your portfolio,

Fix8 Media