An Interview with Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists Founder, Josh Neimark

When and why did you decide to build websites only in Squarespace?

I built my first Squarespace website in 2007 and fell in love with the platform. After spending three years developing primarily in Squarespace, Fix8 became a Squarespace-exclusive agency in 2010. Having worked in this industry for 18 years, I’ve had experience with a number of platforms, and nothing can compare to Squarespace for the types clients we serve and their needs. We wanted to leverage our experience and skill sets in a platform that we knew would continue to grow with us—and that’s exactly what Squarespace has done.

What does Squarespace do better than other platforms? 

That would be a really long list… But I would say the top benefits include its inherent mobile responsiveness, an incredibly intuitive content management tool set, top-notch support provided by the Squarespace support team, and Squarespace’s commitment to bringing the latest and greatest tools to its platform.

How has being a Squarespace-centric agency benefited Fix8 Media and its clients? 

Well let’s be honest: You can’t be an expert in everything when it comes to web design and development. We were fortunate to have been early adopters of the Squarespace platform, so as Squarespace grew, so did we. And we became part of that community.

Our rich experience in the platform gives us an edge: We know how to maximize its potential for our clients. We can offer them a website that many thought was beyond their reach.  And don’t get me started on our amazing clients. Squarespace has opened us up to a world of small businesses and entrepreneurs that literally knows no geographical boundaries. We’ve worked with incredibly talented and gracious clients in varied industries around the world—from Australia to Doha Qatar! 

Fix8 Media has grown over the past year. Can you explain how you’ve expanded your service offerings and why?

For the past few years, the core team at Fix8 Media has been me, Sarah (our UK-based Squarespace developer), and my wife Susie, our agency manager. But in order to better serve our clients’ needs for a complete and seamless web package, we recently added two members to our team. Our graphic designer, Paul, who has been doing freelance work for us for a few years now, handles all of our clients’ brand identity needs.  And our content strategist, Tina, works directly with our clients to ensure their content is clear, compelling, and keyword-rich.

The bottom line here is that our team is experienced. We have all worked in our fields for over a decade, respectively. We know our stuff—and we love using our knowledge to help our clients grow their businesses.

How has the move from Flagler Beach, Florida, to Denver, Colorado, affected Fix8 Media, and you personally? 

Professionally, Susie and I decided to move to Denver because we wanted to work and live in a community that was more creative and tech-centric. And being more centrally located in the Mountain Time Zone enables us to better service our clients across the U.S.

Personally, it’s a new source of inspiration for me. I used to start my mornings with a run along the ocean. Now, I grab my two hounds and we run in Washington Park with a view of the Rocky Mountains. It’s really majestic. 

Why did you add an office in the UK? 

We had been working with Sarah when she was living in Austria and it was an awesome fit. When we decided to bring her on-board full time, she moved home to the countryside in the North of England and we opened the office. It was a natural extension of the agency, furthering our reach into Europe and making Squarespace design and development services even more accessible to businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom.

What does the future have in store for Fix8 Media?

We have three main goals at Fix8 over the next few years. The first is continuing to help entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses create intuitive and highly effective Squarespace websites. Second, we want to continue to grow our very talented and experienced team of creatives. And last, and perhaps most important, we want to give back to the Squarespace community. We feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Squarespace community, and now we’re giving back in the form of helpful tips and tricks.  If we can share information that can facilitate the continued release of gorgeous, functional, and successful Squarespace websites out into the world, it helps us all. 

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