Squarespace Makes Learning Fun

Educational television reaches the next level at OpenMindEdu.org, where a fully interactive learning experience starts where many of us spend our downtime: in front of the TV. As very colorfully presented in Open Mind’s new Squarespace website, this new breed of educator seeks to entertain, encourage, and educate viewers to take an active role in their chosen learning experiences. Combining multiple media and platforms, Open Mind enables individuals of varying ages to earn skills-based badges while learning both online and in the real world.

Peruse Open Mind’s new Squarespace website to learn more about the three pilot programs launching now: Community Service, Cyber Security, and Health. The candy-colored, eye-catching logos paired with the airy whitespace on this Squarespace website result in a crisp presentation that really pops.   

Now grab that remote and go learn something,

Fix8 Media