Google AdWords Credit for Your Squarespace Website

If you’ve been curious about Google AdWords but hesitant to give it a try for various reasons—including spending too much moola—Squarespace has an awesome opportunity for you! Waiting in the wings of your Squarespace Content Management System is a coupon code for new Google AdWords subscribers. Just spend a mere $25 in Google AdWords after you sign up and create your campaign, and you get a $100 credit! The math here is good, friends. Spend $25, get $10 

And don’t be intimidated by building an ad. The Google AdWords Express process is intuitive and relatively easy. Just follow along with the prompts and build your ad in minutes. (AdWords Express is a simplified version of Google AdWords, and it does a lot of the thinking for you. It’s a nice option for first-time users trying to get a feel for the system. And for $25, it’s likely worth a try to see the impact on traffic to your site.)

To qualify for this sweet deal, you must be a new Google AdWords subscriber, have a billing address in the U.S. or Canada, and have a Squarespace Commerce package (or a “Business” package if you started pre-6.19.15). Just follow our handy little step-by-step guide to locate this coupon code in the back end of your site. If you have questions or need some help, drop us a note at