Squarespace for Surround Sound 2.0

Surround sound is putting it lightly. If you dream of listening to your favorite tunes drifting through every room of your home, or building a custom theater room for the enjoyment of family and friends, Immersive Experiences has got you covered—well, immersed, really—in your technology of choice.

Opting for the popular Squarespace Hayden template was a no-brainer for this San Francisco-based company, whose new Squarespace website aptly captures the experience of living well with the technology you love. Immersive works with its clients directly to design and install a system that delivers exactly what they want while aesthetically complementing their taste and home. From whole-house music to in-home theaters to home automation control and more, you’ll find all of Immersive’s custom install options on their new Squarespace site. So go turn on some tunes, browse their products, and check out the portfolio pics displayed in their gorgeous new Squarespace home, from the comforts of your home.

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