Squarespace for Doing Good

Stacey White is someone who can truly feel good about her work because she helps people. A humanitarian policy and systems analyst, Stacey studies problems within the humanitarian industry and develops practical and innovative solutions. She specializes in strategic and policy issues related to disaster risk management and forced migration, always focused on protecting the affected populations.

Stacey’s new Squarespace website showcases her work in the humanitarian industry, offering helpful resources for those interested in learning more, as well as downloadable PDFs of the many articles and papers she has authored on disaster risk management and forced migration/protection.

Squarespace provided the ideal platform for organizing Stacey’s work in a user-friendly and engaging format. Combining powerful photos of Stacey’s experiences across the globe with background information about her and her work, Stacey’s new Squarespace site is the perfect showcase for doing global good.

Feeling fulfilled,

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