Squarespace for Health Care Providers


We all know how important it is to find a reputable health care provider whom we can entrust with our care. Now imagine those concerns quadrupling when it comes to finding the best doctor for your unborn baby.

The team at Halifax OBGYN understands women’s concerns when locating a doctor for their general health or prenatal care—and they wanted to ensure that their expertise as well as their ability to relate to the women in all stages of life was at the forefront on their new Squarespace website.

Touring the site you will instantly see how Halifax was able to translate their message of conscientious care through heartfelt images and the soft, muted color palette used throughout their Squarespace site. It’s easy to navigate and learn more about the office’s services and the various providers in the practice. The Squarespace website also makes preparing for an appointment easy with downloadable forms and policies that can be leisurely completed at home versus in a rush at the doctor’s office.

The main Squarespace site is then linked to a Patient Portal for those seeking to access a password-protected system for messaging with doctors, scheduling appointments, or paying bills. Overall, ease of use and clearly presented information make learning more about the Halifax practice or preparing for an appointment a breeze on their new Squarespace site.

Be well,

Fix8 Media