Squarespace for Big Data

Big ideas need big presence. And that’s exactly what visitors to illumon.com experience as soon as they land on the company’s new Squarespace site. The homepage features one of Fix8 Media’s newest and most powerful Squarespace integrations: motion video background. An effective new approach at captivating your audience, this motion video background is so cool you’ll just have to take a look and see for yourself.

With a number of patents still pending, Illumon is a well-funded spinoff whose products are used by hedge funds to trade billions of dollars worth of financial securities. The company’s mission is to “make big data useful, rather than just big and dumb.” As Illumon searches for a home for its technology center, its Squarespace website is firmly established as the online home for this revolutionary and quickly expanding company. 

Setting your sights high,

Fix8 Media