Squarespace for Wedding Videography

Squarespace for Wedding Videography

Fix8 Media Squarespace Designers Craft New Website for California Videographer

Cinematic Wedding and Corporate Videographer Selects Squarespace to Market His Services

When cinematic video defines your work, you need a website that can convey that vibe instantly. That’s exactly what Sam Eng Films’ new Squarespace website does. The moment you land on the home page, you’re treated to a gorgeous motion video background that captures the storytelling style of this Irvine, California-based videographer. The option to click into the Weddings or Corporate sections of the site immediately guides the visitor to the type of service they are seeking.

Executed in the Squarespace Mercer template, Sam Eng Films new Squarespace website is another great example of the sheer flexibility of Mercer—a client favorite for obvious reasons. The Weddings and Corporate video pages are anchored by samples of Eng’s work, with prompts to interested visitors to contact the videographer for more information or to obtain a quote. The Contact page features a nice embedded form that eases the inquiry process—making connecting with Sam Eng Films a breeze. All in all, the new Squarespace website is an upscale, clean, accurate representation of this California videographer’s style and services.

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