Squarespace Success Stories - Jobjenny.com

When Jenny Foss launched her initial Squarespace 5 website in 2010, her primary focus was sharing advice for enthusiastic job seekers and ambitious ladder climbers via blogging. But, as with many passionate endeavors, her idea exploded.

“I added several products and services, so it was no longer ‘just a blog;’ it was a full-blown business,” she says. With coaching, resume services, guides, workshops, and more, Jenny needed a new Squarespace website that better reflected her growing business and brand—and she turned to Fix8 Media for help!

“I needed a fresh website with a landing page that wasn’t ‘the blog,’ but a logical home base from which people could easily get to whatever they wanted—the blog, our services, our products, etc.,” she says. “I wanted to up-level the game so our brand and our level of professionalism was clear instantly when one visits the site.”

The newer site makes it easier to find and purchase products than our [old] site did, and the display capabilities far surpass our initial Squarespace site

In designing the new Squarespace 7 site, Fix8 focused on ensuring that JobJenny.com was not only properly positioned, but also that the company’s products and services were easily accessible to site visitors. And while Jenny is among the lucky (and brilliant) businesses to have experienced year-on-year growth rates between 20 and 90 percent since launching, she has noted a marked increase in revenue on the product side since the launch of her new Squarespace 7 site.

“The newer site makes it easier to find and purchase products than our [old] site did, and the display capabilities far surpass our initial Squarespace site,” Jenny says.

In addition to helping her sell more product, Jenny’s new Squarespace site has enabled her to streamline scheduling via the integration of Acuity Scheduling Software. “This has dramatically improved the process for onboarding new clients while concurrently reducing the product management time required to get clients set up and, when needed, rescheduled if something comes up for them,” she adds.  

Another small but important detail of the Fix8 redesign for JobJenny.com is the customization of her opt-in forms. Using AWeber.com as her email delivery provider of choice, Jenny had a number of stock opt-in forms available to her, but decided to customize them to better reflect her brand. “The Fix8 team did a great job of customizing these opt-ins so that they better flow and integrate with the overall site design,” she says.

Overall, going from a Squarespace blogging site to a full Squarespace commerce site was a logical move for Jenny’s growing business—and one for which she credits with taking her brand up a notch. She concludes: “I think one of the biggest benefits of the Fix8 redesign is that it enabled us to up-level our brand and business, and eased the navigation for our clients, prospects, and blog readers.”

To learn more about Jenny Foss and her business, visit www.jobjenny.com.